Musical instruments and tools : It is characterized by popular culture of Egyptian diversity and richness in musical instruments, there are percussion , which are divided into machines self sound like el sajat, machines with membrane dermatitis such as drums, tambourine , flute and flute drum , and drum bash and Anakrzan , as well as woodwinds and includes tools without feather like phalanx machines , feather like elmejrana , duble feather tools as municipal flute with its various kinds. As well as stringed instruments like Rababa , Temburh and Semsemya. Folk songs: It represents a common denominator in the lives of the Egyptians, which interact with the song of all accessions of life , we find songs associated with the life cycle in various stages from childhood , youth , and death , as we find work songs , occasional songs and religious ceremonies, as well as, serials , religious praises, social and religious songs , songs associated with natural phenomena such as solar eclipse and lunar eclipse, the fall of the rain , it cares for slogans and chants associated with game sports and elevations, as well as songs associated with the trips . soldier's songs, songs for dances and movement practices. Instrumentals : they are the exclusive music performed by poplar bands, according to the types performed , and are accompanied by , and events that are involved and play singles on various popular machines. Popular orchestras : it means different musical instrument forms, according to the types performed and accompanied , events that involved such as roaming bands or teams associated with singing, dancing and procession fairs,. This section also cares for popular folk professionals , whether they are musicians, singers , or poets for pouplar biography or Mawal singers.